New beginnings

I was talking to one of my spiritual sisters the other day and she was telling me how she had put into place a little daily ritual to contribute in her own way to the elevation of the world’s vibration. It was so simple! Just a meditation of love, to brighten even more her inner light, the one we all share.

We also talked about the huge changes that are being said to come towards us and the turmoil of our times, which we chose to see as a door towards a more beautiful, more just, more luminous world.

It happened that I was connected these days to a series of online conferences: The Soulmate Summit. Those online even (free to listen on the day and sold afterwards for an insane price on CD) seem to be all over the place lately. I am sure more are coming. Anyway, I was witnessing all those businesses who are spreading the use of spiritual laws for individual happiness: build a successful career, relationship, experience material abundance…

I am human as well and of course I wish for those things as well! And thanks to all those who are doing their best to teach us that everything is possible, that an immense power is within us for us to use. However, the talk I had last night lead me to a vision, or an intuition.

I think that what we will be asked to do in our days is not the manifesting of the perfect material fulfillment, even if our evolution is opening those doors for us.

Many reliable sources agree on the fact that big upheavals are coming our way in the next couple of years. Of course I am not conveying the belief that the world will come to an end in 2012. What will happen, what is happening now is a lot subtler than this. Something is happening for sure: the shamans throughout the world did not sign an agreement to become all crazy at the same time!

I think every human being on the planet, and I mean everyone, not only those who have an apparent spiritual quest, will be faced with an opportunity to show the degree of love and faith they are capable of manifesting. And this will come whether or not you have managed your way out of your relationship issues or whether you have built the house of your dreams!

I like this intuition because it ends a duality that can trap the people who have a personal development journey: the separation between us and them (I made that mistake myself). We are all concerned, as a species and as individuals. I bet we are going to see amazing things coming from people who have never heard about “The Secret”…

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