I am starting blogging again for all those times when I repeated a story to friends and wished I could spread it to friends who live a bit further (geographically I mean). For the stories and also for the realizations or the intuitions I get.

This is one of those stories which I will remember all my life because it connected me to all the people whom I envy and who are living extraordinary experiences in our times. I so often feel like an elf lost on this planet with on memories of how to communicate with my kind.

It was a time, not so long ago when I was dealing with moments of such sadness that my body could hardly cope. Those waves were lashing through my chest like wild dragons. At the same time, in the heart of the storm, I would find a love that was blowing my mind.

Little by little, I had learnt how to let those storms pass, but their strength was still the same.

One day I was walking through a huge and futuristic mall in West London, wishing that those walls could welcome a temple of knowledge instead of one of consumerism.
One thought occurred and I was thrown into a maelstrom of emotion. I walked away from the crowd. The turmoil suddenly stopped and I stepped into an inner space of such peace that it was like all the sufferings of the world had left me and I walked in an Eden of peace. I was savoring this feeling with deep gratitude as I walked a few more steps when suddenly, I felt, in a circle around me four tall beings of light who are looking at me with unconditional love like I never felt before.

In a fraction of a second, I felt that those beings had been watching every step that I took in my life, even the ones I thought clumsy, with no judgment whatsoever and also…admiration! When I used to feel too often like a small imperfect human being, I was admired the whole way by beings of indescribable brightness for choosing to come down to this earth and experience the emotional and physical torments of the world.

This “vision” where I was not seeing anything but feeling those presences so overwhelmed me that I sat down for a moment. What a blessed change in perspective on myself and on life!

It never happened again. My emotions have calmed down as well. However, when I feel so moved by the earthquake in New Zealand (a country I have strong ties to), when I see what is happening in the Middle East, I get the feeling that we are about to go through an intense emotional crossing, that the planet (and us along with it) are raging through to a door to a bright reality, which magnificence we have trouble fathoming.

I have looked for new-agy images to represent what I saw but without success. Maybe I will draw them someday. In the meantime, the closest I could get was the image above from Galactica! (which makes me think that the 70s, in the middle of all the mumbo-jumbo, is also a treasure chest of intuitions of what was coming).


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