The snow.
A breath.

High above, sparkling like a star, my ship awaits. The Jewel on my wrist will call it, if the need arises.

The balances of this planet are a mix of sweet and raw. I feel it in my thighs and forearms. It is thirsty for movement, looking for a path to animation. We might provide it, but first, we need to befriend it, ask its Core if it will accept us as custodians. Observation has run its course; now is the time for encounter. And this is why I am here, trekking in the longwinter of the Deep South.

The reasons for my choice as ambassador lie in the threads of my ancestry; the care with which we learnt to listen to the invisible mathematics of the cosmos, the tools we created to reflect and enhance them in matter, the interconnectedness they revealed and allowed between AllofUs.

Did they know how far we would go, our ancestors, caught in the end of a civilization, not sure whether there would be another following it ? Am I the seed they planted ? All was reinvented then…

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